Reference project interior design fitness centre


Bruchköbel – Ixmal Fitnessstudio

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Fitness centre


Changing rooms
Reception desk
Wet room areas


63486 Bruchköbel


Clearl structure of loft-like rooms. Highlight: only two colors.

Innenausbau Fitnessstudio Umkleide

Generous layout

A lot of space is not always a good thing; the concept has to be right, otherwise the guests will lose themselves and feel unwell. In a locker room, that’s exactly what we don’t want. The large orange benches serve as a vanishing point and the wood-look lockers add warmth, the interaction of just two but perfectly coordinated colors creates a feel-good zone; that’s what we want.

Generous hairdryer and storage spaces

A large mirror and lots of space for styling creates freedom.

Innenausbau Fitnessstudio