Reference project interior design fitness centre & spa


Stuttgart – Puls Fit & Wellnessclub

Eingangsbereich Stuttgart - Puls Fit & Wellnessclub

Fitnessstudio & Spa


Wet room areas
Reception desk
Changing rooms
Individual furniture


70565 Stuttgart


Bright colors with indirect light, placed under the bench integrated into the cupboard, make the changing room particularly friendly.

Umkleide Stuttgart - Puls Fit & Wellnessclub

The right atmosphere

Gyms and their locker rooms are perceived very differently today than they were 10 years ago. The demands have changed, we are reacting.

Feel good zone
changing room

When it gets dark, members of this studio can look forward to a cozy changing room atmosphere. Thanks to the lighting effect below the bench, this changing room is definitely a feel-good zone.

Umkleidebereich Stuttgart - Puls Fit & Wellnessclub